About the Artist

Barb color

Barbara McConkey

Pacific Northwest artist and designer Barbara McConkey has made her home in Olympia, WA since 1967. Throughout her professional career, she has explored a variety of art forms including metal embossing, photography, ceramics, sculpture, oil/acrylic/watercolor painting, fiber arts and digital art.

In 1999, Barbara opened InForm Design, a graphics and communications business specializing in design for educational, non-profit and government agencies. In addition to running her business, Barbara is a visiting artist in area schools and a popular guest instructor/artist-in-residence for the Hands On Children’s Museum in Olympia.

Barbara’s fine art has been viewed in solo shows, juried exhibitions, galleries, and private collections. She also sells her art online. You’ll find her jewelry, original art, and handcrafted items at Wasabi Rose on etsy.com, as well as apparel and other products with her designs at cafepress.com.


Artist’s Statement

I am an artist…a dreamer, explorer, designer and creator.

My love of art began at an early age with crayons, paper, glue and popsicle sticks –- the basic tools of a young artist. My passion grew as I became aware of new artistic mediums and my knowledge of art expanded. Over time, a wide variety of creative pursuits would busy my hands and spark my imagination.

As a young adult, I began what would become a successful career in graphic design. While confident in my professional life, I struggled privately to “find myself” as an artist. In my free time I studied painting, photography, feltmaking, sculpture, pottery and digital art — and while searching for that one special medium I could call my own, I fell in love with them all.

I’ve come to realize that it just isn’t in my nature to confine myself to a single medium. For me, the creative journey is about following whatever inspires me. I need the freedom to head off in a new direction one day, and then revisit a familiar path the next. My artistic “meandering” weaves together ideas and experiences from my past and present and recombines them in unique and innovative ways. It is this creative alchemy that guides my work and defines me as an artist.